1. Terms of service define the rights and obligations of Hootway website Users, as well as the rights, obligations, and also the principles and extent of Hootway’s liability.

  2. Accepting these Terms is a condition of using the website.

  3. Please be advised that the website’s name, its logo, graphic design and its individual components, its concept, software and databases are legally protected.


  1. The Hootway website is:

    1. a platform designed for communication and exchange of correspondence between Users,

    2. a web directory containing links to other web pages,

    3. a platform allowing for keeping a personal calendar, making notes, managing bills, creating one’s own centre of favorite web pages, as well as creating and using one’s own homepage.

  2. The Hootway website is free of charge.

  3. Hootway reserves the right to introduce paid accounts.

  4. The Hootway website is intended for individual Users and may be used for their own non-commercial uses only.

  5. To use the website it is necessary that the User has a device allowing to access the Internet, with a program used for browsing its resources in standards compatible with: Internet Explorer 9.0 and later; Firefox 13.0 and later, Opera 12 and later, Google Chrome version 11.0 and later, or Safari, accepting cookie files and JavaScript language subject to paragraph 4 of this article.

  6. Within the Website it is forbidden to use viruses, bots, worms and other computer code, files or programs (in particular used for automation of processes of scripts, applications or other codes, files and utilities).

  7. The website owner collects data from system logs (transmitted to the server from client’s computer), such as IP address, browser type, visiting date and time, and uses cookies.


  1. Hootway website User may be a person with full legal capacity to act, or a person not having full legal capacity with the consent of a statutory representative or a legal guardian.

  2. User account on the Hootway website is individual and it is forbidden to sell it or render it or its part available in any form for a fee.

  3. It is forbidden to share an account by ceding certain services of an account to the exclusive use of another person. In case of intending to do so, it is recommended that this person creates an individual account on the website.

  4. User accounts are a property of the website’s owner, and the Users are authorized to use the accounts to the extent specified by these Rules.

  5. Registration and activation of a User account is done by filling out a registration form on the Portal. A message from the administrator, containing an activation link, which confirms the registration, will be sent to the e-mail address given during the registration. Once the registration is completed, an electronic services rendering agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

  6. The user acknowledges that information given by him, such as: nick, first name, family name, date of birth, e-mail, city, country, sex, relationship and description will be publicly viewable.

  7. The user can view and modify his personal data.

  8. User’s personal data shall not be transferred, sold, or lent to other persons or institutions, unless with the express consent or at the request of the User, and it is accessible only to Hootway website administrators, subject to paragraph 5 of this article. All questions and doubts about Hootway users privacy policy should be directed to: admin@hootway.com

  9. Hootway reserves the right to introduce paid accounts.

  10. User is responsible for all his entries published on Hootway.

  11. User agrees to use the Hootway website according to its purpose, in compliance with applicable Polish regulations, social and moral standards, provisions of these rules and of etiquette, and in particular:

    1. not to create accounts and upload files with names referring to words commonly considered to be offensive or contrary to good customs – this also applies to the descriptions of accounts and files,

    2. to act in a way which does not infringe the rights of other Users or other third parties,

    3. not to take actions aimed at reading passwords of other Users,

    4. not to upload to the server any scripts, executable programs, or other files, which may impair the functioning of connection, server or websites of other Users,

    5. to keep up with possible changes to the rules found at the following address: http://hootway.com/terms ,

    6. not to upload files, which are used as components of web pages or executable applications.

  12. User acknowledges that it is forbidden to post pages, graphics, text, audio or video recordings, and similar materials containing illegal content.

  13. The website owner reserves the right to:

    1. change parameters of User’s account and to cease the provision of free services with prior notification to the User;

    2. immediately remove one or more entries, files, items of a web directory, and other data posted by the user in case of an infringement of the provisions of these Rules,

    3. monitor the use of the Portal, including collection and analysis of anonymous information on the use of the portal, collection and analysis of information on IP addresses, cookie files associated with the Portal, and collection and analysis of User related data,

    4. modify the structure of databases, algorithms of evaluation and search, as well as to modify the functioning of the Portal,

    5. to close the website, from time to time, for the purposes of configuration or in case of technical problems.

  14. User agrees to receive e-mail messages of a formal, functional, informative or commercial nature, coming directly from the Hootway website.


  1. Hootway website contains links to pages of other websites.

  2. Hootway web directory is intended for independent, popular websites offering free, regularly updated content or information.

  3. It is forbidden to enter web pages into the directory, if they contain illegal content, pages which may violate good customs and pages with content of following nature:

    1. concerning politics, political parties, or concerning the activities of state bodies, local governments or non-governmental organizations,

    2. religious,

    3. concerning only the professional activity of an individual, or business of a specific company or organization.

  4. Decision whether to add a page to the Hootway  web directory shall be taken by Hootway website administrator.

  5. Each User can submit a web page to the web directory according to its membership in a  category, which must be approved by Hootway.

  6. Hootway reserves the right to refuse to add a web page to the Web Directory without giving any reason.

  7. The new website must be added to an appropriate category and subcategory.

  8. Hootway website reserves the right to transfer a website link to a different category or subcategory, than the one in which it was originally placed.

  9. Adding a website approved by the administrator to the Hootway web directory results in points for which a User receives stars visible next to the profile.

  10. Administrator agrees to consider each submitted application of a page to the Hootway directory, but reserves the right to not take any action and leave the application unanswered.

  11. Hootway reserves the right to remove a page from the web directory in the event of:

    1. change of the website content,

    2. publication of inappropriate content by the website,

    3. other unforeseen reasons.

  12. Trademarks and screenshots of web pages contained in Hootway website are for informational purposes only and belong to their respective owners.

  13. The owner of a website entered into the Hootway directory has the right to change the screenshot of his site. In order to do so, an individually prepared .jpg file with dimensions of 160x80px must be sent to screen@hootway.com


  1. Termination may occur as a result of deleting a User account on his request, or removing it by the website administration due to:

    1. persistent or malicious breaches or violations of the Terms, in particular violations of paragraph 10 and 11 of Article „USERS”,

    2. action to the detriment of the Portal or other Hootway Users,

    3. unethical, immoral or illegal behavior of the User,

    4. posting web pages, graphics, text, audio or video recordings, and similar illegal materials by the User,

    5. in case of lack of active use of User account for a period exceeding 6 months.

  2. If the User has taken actions which are not forbidden by these rules, but will be recognized as undesirable by Hootway, Hootway may notify the User of this fact by email, requesting to stop these actions. If a User fails to comply with this request immediately, it will be treated as a violation.


  1. Owner of the website does not provide any guarantee that all applications and mechanisms of the website such as forms, links, search mechanisms will work in a proper manner, while ensuring that he has made every effort for the website to work correctly.

  2. The website owner is not responsible for disturbance in the functioning of the website caused by force majeure, failure of equipment or unlawful interference of Members, even if they cause the loss of Users  data.

  3. The website owner is not responsible for the actions of Users, and in particular for:

    1. how users use the website, or for any consequences resulting from it,

    2. contents posted by Users,

    3. content located on other web pages to which links posted by Users direct,

    4. any damage of the User resulting from improper sharing or inability to share his content,

    5. User data loss,

    6. consequences of coming into possession of User access password by a third party, regardless of its cause (e.g. provide the password to a third party by the client, breaking the password by a third party),

    7. providing the password and data to persons authorized under applicable provisions of law,

    8. information downloaded from the Internet, or any consequences of its use.


  1. All information concerning violations of these Rules by Users should be directed toadmin@hootway.com

  2. The website owner reserves the right to change these rules, and shall inform about this fact on the page http://hootway.com/terms

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